Whittlesea YAMEC Creative Leadership Course

What a privilege it is to work with 18 young adults from refugee and migrant backgrounds who have all recently arrived in Australia. The Meeting Space has partnered with The City of Whittlesea and Melbourne Polytechnic to deliver a 7 week program in Creative Leadership. 

We are into week five and the insights, stories and break-throughs have been thought provoking and inspiring. The best thing about our work is we are continually challenged to grow ourselves as we learn from those in our programs. This course has challenged me to be prepared to go into the discomfort because that is where deep learning occurs. Students have shared incredible stories of resilience, hope and courage and these stories will be shared at the Graduation Ceremony.  This Wednesday we are heading out for an excursion to the St Andrews bush to spend the day in a hand-built mud brick home in the hills. Food from Syria, Iran, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Iraq and Turkey will be shared as we all feast together by the lake. 

We wish to take this moment to invite you to the Graduation Celebration for this courageous group of students. There will be music and dancing from Congo, India, Nepal and Afghanistan to accompany the stories, along with the display of the powerful art piece, 'The Silk Road'.

Here are the details: 

Wednesday, 30th August @ 6pm. Come to the Civic Centre and find us in the Fountain View Room. 25 Ferres Boulevard, South Morang. Halal and Vegetarian Food will be provided. 

Posted on August 17, 2017 .