Connecting to the St Andrews bush

A big thank you to Mary and David Clarke for opening up their home and allowing The Meeting Space students to spend the day on their land. The day was filled with the preparing and cooking of a traditional Syrian BBQ, exploring through bush walks and reflective moments by the Dam. The lunchtime feast was delicious and was definitely worth the wait of cooking the meat on an outside fire. This trip made me realise the importance of being on country, away from the noise and the expectations of Suburbia and The City. Rana, a student from Syria said, "It is so nice to be here. We haven't been anywhere like this before and we feel so relaxed and good here." Fariba didn't want to go home. "Can we stay the night!" she said. This trip made us at The Meeting Space very excited about setting up the farm, Big Tree. A farm where many more moments like this can happen throughout the year. Our dream is for Big Tree to be a place where people can come and connect to the land and be nourished ad healed in the process.

Posted on August 24, 2017 .