Fantastic Year 7 Bairnsdale Program

We are back working with Bairnsdale Secondary College for our fourth year. We love coming to East Gippsland for this work and meeting up with past students again. We are always shocked by how much everyone has grown! We are so inspired and enriched through the students we get to work with at Seco. The Year Seven Program finished with a Graduation Celebration on Friday and what a great time we had. The Speeches were inspiring and were topped off with a special Tully performance of 'Blessings on the Blossoms'. The crowd cheered for all! The Year 7s worked so well as a team last week. They all took risks in their own unique way and made moving speeches as a testimony to this. The students shared openly at the end of the course what they had learnt. Ashely said, "I learnt that Leadership comes from you. It's about getting people to want to follow you, not because you make them." Casey said she felt, "way more confident", Tamia said, "I'm not as afraid to say what I really think now" and Mark said, "I've really built up my self-esteem by being here." Millie beautifully shared, "Here it's more open, relaxed and fun. People actually care. We do fun activities that people want to do so nobody gives up. We all work well and every single person co-operates. I wish you guys could do this with us all the time."

Year 7s, we will miss you guys but look forward to seeing you around the school when we work with the Year 8 and 9s in the coming two weeks. 

Posted on September 12, 2017 .