The Meeting Space courses, events and programs are all strongly based on the philosophy of Kintsugi - the ancient Japanese artform of repairing broken pottery. It is through the repair that the item becomes more valuable, more beautiful than the original, pristine form. We believe that through our cracks and our brokenness, incredible possibilities emerge. As Ernest Hemmingway says, "The world breaks everyone and afterwards many are strong in the broken places." 

Our approach to leadership is not one where we work on becoming the 'ideal' leader but rather one where we embrace the way our stories and past experiences shape our current reality. By truly accepting who we are at any given time, we can illumintate the beliefs that may hold us back from becoming who we really want to be.


Graduates of our courses often come away with a new level of confidence, a strong connection with their group and a feeling that they have been seen for the first time. At the Meeting Space we work from a strengths-based, human-centered approach. By guiding students to identify, confront and explore their true selves, we feel this empowers them to create a more balanced, peaceful and meaningful way of being in the world.


We run a variety of courses and training programmes across Australia and New Zealand. We work with local councils, schools, organisations, businesses and a variety of community groups, delivering courses in:


   Leadership training

   Youth Creative Leadership Training

   Public speaking

   Event/project management training

   Cross-cultural training

   Professional development



Our work is aligned with the principles and theories of Positive Psychology Theory, Organisational Psychology, Growth Mindset, Mindful Behavioural Psychology and Narrative Therapy. Our work is enriched through the research of Brene Brown, Ken Robinson, Carol Dweck and Martin Seligman and is strongly based on Maslow's Humanistic Psychology and Vygotsky's Social Development Theory.

Ismael, Health and Nutrition Course Darebin

"The best thing about this 20 week program has been meeting all the people. We got to know people from all different cultural backgrounds and realise we can all get along. I also learnt so much about health and how to live in more balance. I loved the excursions and all the delicious food we learnt to cook. Sharing food is a big part of my culture!"

Grace, Creative Leadership LaTrobe Valley

"This week has been the first time I've actually wanted to get out of bed to come to school. In Rachel and Ollie's course I feel so safe to be who I am. I don't feel people judge me here so I can speak up and actually express myself. Usually I'm too scared in class cause I think people will laugh at me. I wish this course lasted longer."



Fatima, Creative Leadership NMIT

"This week has changed my life. I got to get up in front of 200 people and share my story as a refugee. I felt proud of who I am. I was able to let go of some pain through the sharing. I feel so understood now."

Liz, Creative Leadership Bairnsdale

"I learnt to take more risks. Not only in the group but everywhere. I learnt that it’s not just me who finds things hard and lots of people are there cheering you on even if you had only met them that week. I also learnt to remove, “I don’t know”, “Um” and “Yeah” when I’m speaking out loud so that my words can have more impact and I don’t second guess myself all the time. Thank you Ollie and Rachel "

Creative Leadership Course in the City of Wyndham.

The Meeting Space

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